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How Pipers and Celtic Tuning can help

Faster, smoother, more responsive

Pipers are specialists in the performance tuning of the vehicles engine management system and are a Authorised Dealer for Celtic Tuning. All software is developed in house which gives us endless flexibility to tune an engine to the customer’s requirements.

What will Celtic Tuning do for my car?

Celtic Tuning has a wide range of tuning upgrades for most modern petrol and diesel engines ranging from software to, hardware upgrades.

We work on the full spectrum of vehicles giving us unrivalled knowledge and experience in the full range of ECU’s on the market.

We have a dedicated team for software development, and with our extensive list of Main Dealers providing us with the latest vehicles; we ensure that we are always one of the first to release new models to the market.

How are we able to achieve so much extra power?

Manufacturers place restrictions on your engines ECU to cater for those who operate poor service schedules or who use low quality fuels, let us optimise the performance of your vehicle by removing these limitations placed upon it and enjoy the vehicle the way it was intended to be.

With engines becoming ever increasingly modular to keep manufacturing costs down, it is common place for manufacturers to simply remap engines ECU to provide the varying outputs which in turn they sell at inflated prices. This alone shows you the tolerances available in a modern engine. With reliability as important to us as it is to you, we offer a safe and reliable ECU Remap solution for tuning your engine.

The reason for this is simple, it’s cheaper to make one engine and do subtle changes to provide varying power outputs to service the varying markets. Most of these changes are software based which, after extensive development programmes, allows us to remove the limitations placed on them to provide you with an unrivalled driving experience.

Celtic Tuning have many years in automotive software development and over 22 years in engine tuning/reconditioning we are sure to be able to provide you with all your tuning requirements from ECU Remaps to hardware upgrades.

With all remaps from Celtic Tuning you can expect: –

A more responsive engine Smoother, more linear power delivery Improved acceleration for safer overtaking Turbo Diesel

Up to 40% more power and torque Enhanced throttle response Removal of flat spots Improved fuel economy Non-turbo Petrol

Up to 10% improvement in power and Torque Enhanced throttle response Removal of flat spots Turbo Petrol

Up to 30% more power Up to 35% more torque Enhanced throttle response Removal of flat spots Where applicable we can also:

– Increase the rpm limiter of the engine to gain the very best of it (petrol engines only) Remove speed limiters where applicable Lower speed limiters i.e. for business use etc Please note that these figures are as a general idea, some engines we can get more power gains, others less. Please browse the vehicle list for your specific model.



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