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At Pipers, We pride ourselves on being able to diagnose and resolve, even the most difficult technical issue on your vehicle. If it is a Fuel, Electrical, or Mechanical related issue, then Pipers possess the latest diagnostic equipment and expertise to find your issue, and repair it for less than a Main Dealer.

Contact us with your query and we will take it from there. We are always happy to help.

With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated each year, it is essential that workshops invest in the right equipment and training. We now have the latest Snap-on Verus and Verdict engine management scanners with integrated Snap-on Trouble-shooter information systems. For advanced engine management sensor testing we use the built in lab scope. In addition we have the latest Delphi Diagnostics, Launch X431 engine management scanner, Wurth WOW diagnostics, Autel Maxisys and Maxidas engine management scanners, VAG com and Vauxhall com and lastly Carmen VCI diagnostics, this gives us enhanced coverage on most European makes plus coverage of Japanese, Korean and Malaysian vehicles, allowing us to diagnose and repair the 99% of the vehicle on the road today.

Having these market leading scanners enables us to offer a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic service, allowing us to diagnose faults with systems such as Engine management, ABS, Body systems and many more. Also we are able to access most security system and program new keys to your vehicle. Some of our Diagnostic tools are manufacturer specific to dealer level, such as Landrover and Range Rover, VAG group (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda), Vauxhall and Saab. From our diagnostic tools we can see real time live data which enables us to pin point faults more effectively.

Being independent specialists of Land Rover and Range Rover we have invested in dedicated diagnostic equipment (as well as general scan tools) to cater for the whole Land Rover range. Autologic for Land Rover is a diagnostic tool uniquely designed to replicate the functionality of the tools used by manufacturer’s dealers. Our equipment enables our garage to provide a comprehensive Land Rover service in our workshop without relying on dealer availability. The system offers total diagnostic


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